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 News Flash Update!  Nov 30, 2018…

Go to Main Menu Choice “Geometric Proofs of Pi,” and scroll down past Proof 6 in that section and view the latest simplified Proof 7 (a) Pi Circumference Measurement and Proof 7 (b) simplified Math Proof for the true value of Pi = 4 / sqrt (Phi).

   Welcome to the About Us introduction section of Measuring Pi Squaring Phi, the web site where we are going to show you how to physically measure the Pi circumference of a one-unit diameter circle cut by a CNC machine and then prove the true value of Pi by a “special squaring” of each side of Kepler’s Golden Ratio Right Triangle.

  In addition, you can go directly to the Geometric Proofs of Pi section of this web site and step through the colorful graphics and videos of how to geometrically solve for the true value of Pi.

  So, here is the start of the physical measurements portion of this web site.