Correcting Pi Problems

   Welcome to the Correcting Pi Problems section of this Measuring Pi Squaring Phi web site.

   There are many reasons why you should be concerned about whether we use the correct value of Pi (3.144605511…) or whether we continue using the wrong value of Pi (3.141592654…) for science, math, and commerce.  After all, we have just proved that Pi = 4 / sqrt Phi.

   Here are a few important reasons to solve Pi Problems using the correct value:

   1.  Re-defining the new Kilogram in Nov 2018.  One must use the correct value of Pi to calculate   Vol = 4 / 3 (Pi) (r^3) for the Silicon Isotope 28 “Perfect Sphere.”

 **2.  Avoiding the Earth-Apophis Asteroid crash on 4/13/2029.  An Open Letter to President Trump. 

   3.  Change Pi in all textbooks, calculators, and computers for all users of Pi equations.


**Note:  Number 2 above is the most important Pi problem to solve.


  1.  Re-defining the New Kilogram (Play the videos)


   The world’s “roundest” sphere to establish the new standard Kilogram in 2018 and why you must use the correct value of Pi: (Play the video)



  2.  Avoiding the Earth-Apophis Asteroid crash on 4/13/2029 – An Open Letter to President Trump


Date: January 29, 2018

Re: Avoiding the Earth-Apophis Asteroid Crash on 4/13/2029

From: Harry Lear (Pentagon and Saigon, Vietnam MACV HQ in SSD, ACSI, Special Security Detachment, Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence, Top Secret Crypto EO NOFORN, other classified special access codes – 1965-67 US Army)

To:  President Donald Trump, USA

cc:   Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Wilbur Ross

        Secretary of Education, Ms. Betsy Devos

        Director, NASA, Mr. Robert Lightfoot

        Dr. Martin Milton, Director BIPM, France

        Dr. Carl Williams, Deputy Director NIST, Physical Measurements Lab

        Prof. Alfred Posamentier, Dean, Mercy College, New York

        Prof. Ingmar Lehmann, Humboldt Universitat, Mathematik, Berlin

        Math Dept Evans Hall, UC Berkeley, c/o Prof. Joseph Greenwell

        Prof. Stephen Hawking, U of Cambridge, DAMTP Ctr for Math Sciences, UK

        Prof. Michio Kaku, Physics Dept, City College of New York

        Prof. Nick Rauh, Dir of Math, National Museum of Mathematics, New York

        Prof. Michael Pearson, Dir Math Association of America, Washington DC

        Prof. Brian White, Stanford University, Chair Math Dept

        Prof. David Gabai, Chair Math Dept, Princeton University

        Prof. Peter Kronheimer, Chair Math Dept, Harvard University

        Prof. Tara Holm, Assoc. Prof Math Dept, Cornell University

        Prof. Diane Briars, Past President National Council of Teachers of Math

        Rep. Raul Labrador, Idaho US Representative Congress

        Rep. Lamar Smith, Chairman Science, Space & Technology Congress

        CMI President’s Office, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Oxford, UK

        Prof. Donald McClure, Exec Director, American Math Society

        CEO Elon Musk, SpaceX HQ, Hawthorne, CA

        Dr. Karen Masters, ICG, Portsmouth, UK

        Reporter Megyn Kelly, NBC NEWS, New York

        Talk Show Host Sean Hannity, FOX NEWS

        Mr. Achim Leistner, Precision Optics, NSW, Australia

        Mr. Billy Meier, c/o Mr. Christian Frehner, SSSC, Zurich, Switzerland

        Michael Horn, USA rep for SSSC and FIGU

   Politicians, meet the Mathematicians.  Mathematicians, meet the Politicians.  Politicians and Mathematicians, meet the Physicists and Journalists.  Journalists and Physicists, meet the Politicians and Mathematicians.

   Now that everybody knows everybody…

   Houston, we have a BIG PROBLEM.

   NASA / JPL’s Near Earth Object (NEO) calculations for the trajectory of the Earth’s orbit intersecting the orbit of Asteroid 99942 (nicknamed Apophis) on April 13, 2029, were calculated using the wrong value of Pi = 3.141592654… .

   Having recently discovered the true value of Pi = 4 / sqrt (Phi) = 3.144605511… , where Phi is the Golden Ratio number 1.618033989…, allow me to point out a few problems.

   Following is a comparison of Earth’s and Apophis’ near-circular orbits using Old Pi vs. using True Pi.  As you know the circumference of a circle — Earth’s and Apophis’ orbits — is calculated by the simple equation C = d x Pi, where C is Circumference, d is the diameter of the orbit, and Pi is a universal constant.  See Table below, in kilometers:

                                                                                                Circumf                      Circumf          Difference

                                                                                                of Orbit                      of Orbit            due to

                  Radius of Orbit              Diam of Orbit                   (Old Pi)                      (True Pi)          Wrong Pi


Earth     *149,597,871                     299,195,742                 939,951,145            940,852,792          901,434

              *152,955,334                     305,910,668                 961,046,707            961,968,373          921,665

Apophis  137,994,806                     275,989,612                 867,046,938             867,878,455          831,517           


*Note:  NASA says the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 1 AU (Astronomical Unit), is equal to 149,597,871 km, but it is actually 152,955,335.7 km.  But let’s use NASA’s figure for purposes of this discussion.


   Using the old value of Pi, NASA is currently stating that Apophis will miss Earth on April 13, 2029, by only 32,000 km (18,000 miles).  The Moon is some 385,000 km from Earth and 32,000 km is the level of our satellites above Earth.  The difference between NASA’s erroneous calculations of the orbits of Earth and Apophis using the wrong value of Pi is significant:  901,434 km too short for Earth and 831,517 km too short for Apophis.  If NASA’s current orbit calculations are already wrong by hundreds of thousands of kilometers, why should we believe that Apophis will miss planet Earth by a measly 32,000 km if we use the incorrect value of Pi?  NASA is already off by 900,000 and over 800,000 km just for the basic calculations and we haven’t even mentioned other parameters that also use Pi such as gravity (centrifugal force) and centripetal inertia.

   The BIG QUESTION is:  If NASA uses the new, true value of Pi = 3.144605511… instead of the old, erroneous value of Pi = 3.141592654…, would the trajectories of the new Earth and Apophis orbits still miss planet Earth by 32,000 km or would Apophis crash into Earth?

   Before suggesting a solution, allow me to put forth a few tidbits of information such as how big is Apophis and how fast is it travelling – therefore, how much energy is it carrying — through space?  Apophis is estimated to be 375 meters wide, which is the size of 2 – 3 Rose Bowl Football Stadiums and its estimated speed is around 15,000 mph.

Some troubling and interesting factors include:

  1. Apophis was predicted to exist by a Swiss individual named Billy Eduard Meier in 1981 and stated that it would crash into Earth on April 13, 2029.  This was 25 years before Earth astronomers discovered Apophis in 2004.  Mr. Meier has been publishing astronomical and other information as a contactee meeting with human ETs called The Plejaren for the last 75 years.   Billy Meier and the Plejaren called Apophis “The Red Meteor” and predicted from their calculations that Apophis would strike planet Earth somewhere along the Tectonic Plate from the North Sea (Northern England) to the Black Sea (near Ukraine).  They still hold this prediction to date and state that (for some reason regarding their belonging to a High Council of many other ET humans in our Milky Way Galaxy) they are not allowed to physically save Earth from this upcoming Cosmic Catastrophe but can provide us with the information for us to save ourselves.  Hence the prediction they gave to Billy Meier in 1981 to provide to us Earthlings advance knowledge of this event.  Note that NASA, 25 years after 1981, independently came up with the same “close encounter” date of April 13, 2029, AND April 13, 2036 if Apophis is slingshot through Earth’s Gravity Keyhole in 2029.  The difference is that NASA is using an erroneous value of Pi in their orbit and other calculations.

  2. Besides having provided the Apophis-striking-Earth prediction in 1981, the Plejaren and Billy Meier have maintained for the last 60 years or so that Earthlings are currently using the wrong value of Pi, which is the difference between Meier’s crash prediction and NASA’s near-crash prediction on the same date.  Meier and the Plejaren state that Earthlings will have to discover the true value of Pi if we want to prevent the Apophis-Earth crash, plus accomplish future things such as time travel (which the Plejaren apparently do) and pull energy from black holes.

  3. Having read these contact notes about Pi being the wrong value (anybody can log onto the Internet and find this information at, I at first, disregarded such a claim but later about five years ago became interested in researching Pi.  It took me about 2 ½ weeks to convince myself that Pi was, indeed, wrong, and the last four years to draw and write the math proofs and send this information out to some 20 – 25 mathematicians, scientists, and journalists.  But to no avail.  Why am I not surprised?  Virtually nobody at the major universities in the US or Europe will comment upon this important discovery of the true value of Pi, probably because I’m not one of the professors tenured in the math department of a university.  However, I have recently put my Pi Proofs up on the Internet – geometric drawings which are only 1 page long — and anybody can walk through the videos and narrations of my true Pi math proofs at .  I have also previously sent to you, President Trump, and selected members of your Cabinet, Commerce and Education, all of this information but at present have not heard from anybody.

  4. Just for fun, I sent my math proofs over the last four years and web site address to Billy Meier and the Plejaren at their Semjase Silver Star Center (SSSC) in Switzerland — thinking the Plejaren will never read my math proofs, but what the heck.  Last year I visited the SSSC facility near Zurich, Switzerland, on a trip to Europe with my wife.  Meeting with Christian Frehner, Billy Meier’s right hand man at the SSSC, Mr. Frehner informed me that Mr. Meier had recently taken my math proofs to the Plejaren and the Plejaren stated that while they were not allowed to interfere into Earth’s business physically, they stated — with some astonishment and excitement according to Mr. Meier — that my math proofs and calculations regarding the true value of Pi were absolutely correct.  They also stood by their initial prediction of Asteroid Apophis crashing into the Earth on April 13, 2029.  Mr. Frehner then informed me that the SSSC would be publishing my math discovery about the true value of Pi (please see enclosed attachment) in Volume 77 of their FIGU Bulletin.  This Bulletin is subscribed to by some 29,000 scientists and other interested parties because Meier and the Plejaren have previously and consistently provided correct astronomical and other scientific information that scientists all over the globe are very interested in.

  5. Meeting with Mr. Frehner at the SSSC in Switzerland last Sept 2017, I did not know much about the Apophis Asteroid-crashing-into-Earth prediction, but was soon informed by other scientists who read about my Pi math proofs and contacted me.  That’s when I started researching NASA / JPL and their NEO group and their latest conclusions that Apophis will not strike planet Earth but will miss by some 32,000 km (about 18,000 miles).  However, NASA is using the wrong value of Pi = 3.141592654… to reach their conclusions, while Mr. Meier and the Plejaren (and I) are using the correct value of Pi = 3.144605511… .  I’m not yet declaring the Apophis prediction is true.  I am only, at this time, asking NASA’s NEO group to recalculate their equations using the correct value of Pi to discover whether they agree with the prediction.

   So, what is the solution to this upcoming possible Cosmic Catastrophe?

   First, the Meier and Plejaren prediction of Apophis hitting Earth is that it will crack the Eurasian Tectonic Plate making two new continents along the line of the North Sea to the Black Sea, and that volcanoes will be hit, erupting much lava and other debris, plus spewing forth deadly Sulfurous gases that will be carried West across the North American Continent and around the globe.  Obviously, if this happens, hundreds of millions of people around the globe will die and our future crop seasons will be greatly impacted.  The entire Earth will not explode – unless enough sea water pours down into a volcanic caldera which, by definition, extends to the molten center of the Earth, and causes a super volcanic explosion.  There is probably not enough energy from the impact to cause a complete Earth destruction.

   Second, in the case in which Apophis barely misses the Earth due to what is called a mile wide Gravity Keyhole near our planet, the Earth will slingshot Apophis around into its same orbit only to come back in 7 years on April 13, 2036, and strike planet Earth with the same or worse results.

   These are the possible conclusions if the Billy Meier and Plejaren predictions are correct and if we do nothing to alter this outcome.

   What bothers me is that I now know (having proved True Pi) that (1) Meier and the Plejaren were absolutely correct that Earth scientists have been (and still are) using the wrong value of Pi, and (2) Meier and the Plejaren published their prediction of Apophis striking Earth some 25 years before Earth scientists even discovered the existence of Apophis in 2004.

   This is very troubling because we now know that NASA’s NEO calculations are based upon the erroneous value of Pi = 3.141592654… instead of the true value of Pi = 4 / sqrt (Phi) = 3.144605511… and that NASA’s orbit calculations are off by 900,000 km for Earth and 800,000 km for Apophis.  If Mr. Meier and his human ET contacts, the Plejaren, are wrong, or don’t exist, or their story is just a big Nothing Burger, how can we explain their previous statements about Earth using the wrong value of Pi and the existence of an Asteroid that Earthlings had not yet discovered was going to strike Earth?  Let me be clear:  prior to my visit to Switzerland, Mr. Meier and the Plejaren had never informed me about what the true value of Pi was.  I discovered True Pi myself.  In fact, I informed them – of course, they already knew since how could they show up to Earth, etc. – and, according to Mr. Frehner, the Plejaren simply told Mr. Meier that my math proofs for Pi that he showed them were correct.  As I told Mr. Frehner in Zurich, I really don’t need the Plejaren to tell me about the true value of Pi since I already know my math proofs are absolutely correct, whether they’ve seen them or not.  The real problem, I think, is current academicians are afraid to make any statements about Old Pi being wrong for fear of losing their tenured university positions.

   The Big Question is:  what should the people of Earth do about this possible Cosmic Catastrophe?

   Here are the possible solutions:

1.    You, Mr. President, should instruct scientists and engineers (e.g. at the US’s NIST laboratories and NASA) to use their multi-zillion dollar equipment to verify my results of using a CNC machine to cut a 1.0000 meter diameter circle out of Plexiglas or other material and then measure the Pi Circumference of that circle. By definition, C = diam x Pi, and when diameter equals 1, the Circumference must equal Pi.  If they do it correctly, their measurement should easily show that true Pi = 3.1446… and hopefully they can measure this out to a couple of more decimal places, e.g. Pi = 3.144605…, to replicate my findings.  This first step alone would verify that NASA’s Old Pi = 3.141592654… is wrong at the third decimal place.


2.    Next, NASA’s Near Earth Object group should re-do all their calculations for the orbits and trajectories of both Earth and Apophis using the true value of Pi = 3.144605511… and ascertain as best they can whether their new calcs show that Apophis will strike Earth on April 13, 2029, or April 13, 2036 or not.  This assumes all their other parameters are correct.


3.    Of course, Mr. President, you should then assign competent mathematicians to review the math proofs for Pi that I previously sent to you, Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross, Education Sec Betsy Devos, and Mr. Robert Lightfoot, Director at NASA. Allow me to caution you that most tenured mathematicians at US and other universities will swear up and down that Pi = 3.141592654… and that my proofs where Pi = 4 / sqrt (Phi) cannot be correct because that is not what they have been taught over the last umpteen years.  I have been fighting this for going on five years now and have a list of those mathematicians who, I believe, are simply afraid of acknowledging my math results because their peers would ridicule them and they may even lose tenure at their university if they dare to open their mouths (and brains).  That’s why it’s very important for you to instruct NIST to FIRST physically measure the Pi Circumference of a 1.0000 meter diameter circle.  The first three decimals – easy to measure – will automatically disprove all the current mathematicians who still think Pi = 3.141592654… .


4.    Finally, I suggest that you, Mr. President, call together all the best scientists and engineers from various countries on Earth and set up a project team whose stated objective is to nudge Apophis from its current orbit so that in 12 years Apophis will miss Earth by a million miles or more. The preferred method – in order to “nudge” Apophis out of its current orbit — put forth by Meier and the Plejaren is to send rockets with nukes to explode them near the Asteroid but not on top of, or too near which would simply blow Apophis into smaller more dangerous chunks to strike Earth.  Other possibilities such as solar wind sails, etc. are difficult and more problematic to control.

   What are the odds if we (1) do nothing vs. (2) simply move Apophis out of its current orbit?  Our choices are:

     Door Number One:  If we do nothing because current Earth scientists still erroneously think that Pi = 3.141592654…, then Apophis may strike Earth, blow up and poison a couple of hundred million people, including America, with poisonous gases on April 13, 2029, or same date 2036.

     Door Number Two:  If we simply nudge Apophis out of its current orbit, then we can’t lose because if Apophis is not going to strike Earth and we have moved Apophis’ orbit then no harm no foul.  But if Apophis IS going to strike Earth, we will have saved our planet from a huge Cosmic Catastrophe.

   If I was a gambling man — or recently solved the true value of Pi (which I did) — I would chose Door Number TwoAnd time is growing short.


Harry Lear

Meridian, Idaho, USA

End Open Letter to President Trump


The following shows the intersecting orbits of Earth and Asteroid 99942 Apophis on Apr 13, 2029 (click here)  The Sky Live


Important Information about the Circular Ratio Pi (click here):

Important Information for the Circle Number Pi


Population of Nations Affected by Possible Earth-Apophis Asteroid Crash on Apr 13, 2029:

Direct Line of Fire Countries 2018 Pop (Millions) 2029 Pop (Millions)
10% increase from 2018
Britain 66.570 73.227
Scotland 0.506 0.557
Ireland 5.018 5.520
Denmark 5.750 6.325
Netherlands 17.076 18.784
Belgium 11.441 12.585
Norway 5.301 5.831
Sweden 9.923 10.915
Finland 5.556 6.112
Germany 80.401 88.441
Switzerland 8.211 9.032
Austria 8.712 9.583
Czech Republic 10.563 11.619
Poland 38.523 42.375
Slovakia 5.434 5.977
Hungary 9.754 10.729
Croatia 4.195 4.615
Romania 19.105 21.016
Ukraine 44.170 48.587
Bulgaria 6.992 7.691
Turkey 81.086 89.195
Sarajavo 0.313 0.344
Greece 10.872 11.959
Italy 59.788 65.767
W. Russia (77% of 146.459) 112.773 124.050
Syria 19.482 21.430
Iraq 39.751 43.726
Georgia 3.974 4.371
Slovenia 2.072 2.279
Blelarus 9.051 9.956
Sub-Total Direct Line of Fire 702.363 772.599
Collateral Destruction Countries Poisonous Gases, Crop loss, etc.
USA 327.876 360.664
Canada 37.056 40.762
Mexico 130.486 143.535
C. America 179.616 197.578
N. China (1.4 bil China, use 20 mil) 20.000 22.000
Japan 126.214 138.835
Israel 8.352 9.187
Sub-Total Collateral Countries 829.600 912.560
Grand Total                            1,531.96                                                                1,685.159


3. Change Pi in all textbooks, calculators, and computers (rather obvious why).