Pi Measurement

   Welcome to the Pi Measurement section of this web site Measuring Pi Squaring Phi.

News Flash Update!  Nov 30, 2018…

Go to Main Menu Choice “Geometric Proofs of Pi,” and scroll down past Proof 6 in that section and view the latest simplified Proof 7 (a) Pi Circumference Measurement and Proof 7 (b) simplified Math Proof for the true value of Pi = 4 / sqrt (Phi).

   In this section we are going to:

  1. Show the type of CNC machine used to cut a 1.0000 meter diameter circle — a $100,000 Austrian built PROFIT H08 FORMAT 4 CNC machine,
  2. Measure the diameter of the one-unit circle, and
  3. Measure the Pi Circumference of the one-unit circle.


   1. Attributes of the CNC PROFIT H08 Format 4 machine:  (Play the video)


2. Measuring the diameter of the one unit circle:  (Play the video)


3. Measuring the circumference of the one-unit circle:  (Play the video)